Cool Air Sam


The mascot/"watch dog"/best friend of American Comfort Solutions in Texas

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I can definitely say that I have never ingested any paperwork here at American Comfort Solutions!

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I don’t have one. I’m a dog…

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I’m green with envy. I hear the steak is phenominal at these types of events.  #Dogevny #WhiteHouseCorrespondentsDinner #Uggie

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Want to know more about me? Of course you do. Check it out

Cool Air Sam Ac Repair Sam

Sam. I. Am

Woof! I’m Sam. I am a Texan pup and the mascot for American Comfort Solutions. It’s a pretty great job; in exchange for being ridiculously good looking I get an endless supply of belly rubs, treats, and all the A/C I want, which is important when your entire body is covered in fur.

I decided that I didn’t just want to be another pretty face; it was time to tell my side of the story. So here’s my blog. This is Sam’s space. Forgive me for any typos I may have in advance, it’s hard to work a keyboard with paws for hands.

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